The Vitamin Factory sells nutritional supplements directly to the consumer through mail order catalogs and over the Internet.
Specialty Formulas E 200 iu Natural Blend Shark Cartilage 500mg Mega Multiple #75
Vitamin A 10,000 iu E 400 iu Natural Blend Pycnogenol 25mg Bilberry Extract 60mg
Vitamin A 25,000 iu E 1000 iu Natural Blend Creatine 300 grams Cat's Claw 500mg
Beta Carotene 6mg Calcium 900 MAP Cayenne 500mg
B Complex 50 Calcium Citrate MSM 1000mg Black Cohosh
B Complex 100 Magnesium 100mg L-Carnitine 250mg Dong Quai
Folic Acid Chitosan 500mg BCAA Ginger 550mg
Ginseng Saw Palmetto PhytoSel 100 mcg PhytoChrome 100 mcg
Lecithin 1200mg Soy Isoflanoves PhytoSel 200 mcg PhytoChrome 200 mcg
Papaya Lycopene 10mg Calcium 900/450 Gingko Bilboa 60mg
Vitamin B1 Evening Primrose Bromelain 500mg MultiMins
Vitamin B6 Grapeseed Extract
Vitamin B12 CoEnzyme Q-10 30mg
Ester C 500mg IP-6
Ester C 1000mg Lutein
Vitamin C 500 Omega 3 Fish Oil
Vitamin C 1000 Melatonin 300mcg
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